Patient Review

We’ve been dental patients of Dr. Boyles and his great staff for some years. He’s a wonderful, caring dentist and his staff is also first rate. Dr. Boyles’ “ above and beyond” dedication to his patients is truly remarkable. Here’s an example (I am not making this up). I lacerated my tongue ( don’t ask me how) on the day before Thanksgiving. I am on blood thinners and my tongue would not stop bleeding. I called Dr. Boyles at night and he gave me suggestions as to how to stop the bleeding. When the bleeding did not stop in the morning, Dr. Boyles called me and told me to meet him in the office. Remember..this is Thanksgiving Day. Dr. Boyles examined the ( deep) laceration and sutured it. The bleeding stopped ...a perfect result. Dr. Boyles ( and his staff) get the highest marks for patient care.

- Allan G

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