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Boyles Dental offers customized night guards and protective sports mouth guards. Our guards are molded from a special plastic to fit the exact shape and contour of your teeth to maximize comfort.

Mouthguards are typically worn by children during sports activities, or at night to help prevent teeth grinding.

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Night Guards

Nightguards are commonly worn at night to help protect the teeth from grinding or clenching. Additionally, a nightguard can stabilize jaw joints which can help to alleviate TMJ and muscle pain.

Sports Mouth Guards

Many sports require the participant to wear a mouth guard to protect the teeth from trauma. Sports mouth guards also protect the soft tissues such as the tongue, lip, or cheek lining, which could be bitten during physical activity.

How long do mouth guards last?

Most sports mouth guards and night guards last between 2 to 10 years. Younger patients may need to replace their guards more frequently to accommodate tooth growth and movement.

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