Dental Fillings

Restoring Dental Cavities in Raleigh NC

Dental fillings are typically used to restore cavities, but can also be used to repair broken, cracked or worn teeth. At Boyles Dental, we offer an aesthetically pleasing, tooth-colored composite material, as well as an amalgam material when indicated, for direct restorations. 

What is the best type of filling?

Dr. Boyles will evaluate your condition and recommend the best choice for your situation. Generally speaking, Dr. Boyles prefers to use “white fillings” made of a composite resin material for a natural looking restoration.

What can I expect during a dental filling procedure at Boyles Dental?

The exact procedure for your tooth filling will vary based on the size, location and material used. While most procedures will require anesthetic, some smaller fillings can be completed with minimal preparation to the tooth and do not require anesthetic.

Dr. Boyles will prepare the tooth by removing any existing fillings and decay to create a stable foundation for the new filling. Dr. Boyles will place the composite resin on the tooth and cure it with a special light. This can all be completed in one visit. 

Do you fix broken fillings?

Yes, if you have a lost or broken filling, please contact our office to schedule an appointment. We will make every effort to see you for dental emergencies on the same day. Dr. Boyles will provide prompt attention to repair the damaged tooth and restore the dental filling. 

Should I replace my silver fillings with white fillings?

Dr. Boyles may be able to remove an old silver filling and replace it with a more natural looking “white filling” when clinically necessary. 

Note: The American Dental Association Council on Scientific Affairs has concluded that both amalgam and composite materials are considered safe and effective for tooth restoration.

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