The Latest in Dental Imaging Technology, Now Available at Boyles Dental!

If you’ve been to our office lately, you have probably noticed a brand new, and very large, machine now occupying its own room at Boyles Dental. We have recently added a Planmeca ProMax to our practice, used for taking digital panoramic x-rays and 3D images.

Part of our mission at Boyles Dental is to offer our patients the latest in modern technology that adds value, not unnecessary cost, to our patients’ oral health and well-being. This groundbreaking device brings an exciting new perspective to our practice, with an abundance of benefits for staff and patients alike.

How will this machine be integrated into the practice?

The Planmeca ProMax captures both 2D panoramic images and 3D views of the entire oral cavity, including jaw joints and nasal sinuses.

This new type of imaging will not replace bitewing x-rays, but will be supplemental to them. The panoramic images will allow us to see a much broader perspective of the jaw in 2D, while the 3D x-ray will show us an exact spatial relationship (to 1/10th of a millimeter) of the entire mouth in various slices.


What are the major benefits to a patient?

The Planmeca ProMax gives a more thorough picture of the patient’s entire oral cavity, aiding us particularly in the following areas of dental care:

  •      Bone and hard tissue abnormalities
  •      Infections and fractures
  •      Tooth and jaw development
  •      Impacted teeth
  •      Sinus visualization
  •      Implant planning
  •      Endodontics

The results allow us to provide the most accurate diagnosis and best treatment in a more efficient manner for each patient.

Dr. Boyles and his staff will be able to produce immediate images that will then be shown and explained to each patient, allowing you to be a partner with us in your dental care and more involved with the entire process.

How are images taken with this machine?IMG_6882

For a patient, getting a panoramic or 3D x-ray taken is quick and easy! The patient simply stands in the center of the machine and bites down on the bite fork while the camera rotates in a half circle around the head, starting at one side of the jaw and ending at another. The process only takes a few seconds. For gaggers, children and others who have a hard time keeping the traditional bitewing film in place, this experience will be a welcome change!

How often will you take these images?

Panoramic images will be used during your initial dental visit and then every 3-5 years thereafter as part of your routine checkup and dental cleaning to check for signs of dental problems. The 3D images will be utilized as needed for diagnostic and treatment planning assistance.

We look forward to seeing you soon and can’t wait for you to try out this exciting new piece of modern dental technology!

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